Memory is the gift in which information is encoded, stored, and retrieved. Brides and Grooms can spend a vast amount of time in planning their wedding; and with the blink of an eye that day has gone by. I’ve been known by many to be very forgetful, therefore finding the perfect person to capture every moment of this magical day was an absolute must. I could not have chosen a better photographer to allow us to cherish the most memorable moments of our new beginning and yes indeed, despite my sore feet due to my torturous shoes and Viken’s impatience, Vatche never gave up and continued to encourage us and remind us the importance of capturing every moment as much as possible. We will be forever grateful to you, Vatche, for this forever gift!!!

Yours truly, Nelly & Viken

And I’d like to thank Harout Karnigian for second shooting with me, these are a few of my favourites.


Reception: Embassy Plaza

Flowers: Fleurs des jardins

Videography: Siounis